Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

Thanks to the Reviewers of Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

The growing success of Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences can be accredited to the work of many people. The Editors of Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences would like to thank the many peer reviewers who have spent freely their precious time reviewing the manuscripts for the Journal. Their useful comments improved the quality of the articles, increased the accuracy, readability and the overall scientific standard of the Journal.

We are very grateful to all of the Reviewers, with their significant support, the Journal continues to develop.

We greatly appreciate the contributions made by the following scientists, who worked as editors and referees for our journal between 01.01.2015 and 31.12.2015.

Prof. Abbas N. Al-Shareefi
Prof. Abd Ali Muhsen
Prof. Abdel-Karim Al-Qazzaz
Prof. Abdul-Ameer J. Al-Kafaji
Prof. Abdul-Azim Yassin
Prof. Abdul-Ameer Al-Naimy
Prof. Abdul-Hussain M. Faisal
Asst. Prof. Abdul-Karim H. Abd
Prof. Abdul-Karim M. Ali
Prof. Adeeb A. Al-Zeubaidy
Asst. Prof. Ahmad S. Abdul-Ameer
Asst. Prof. Ahmed Abdul-Hassan
Asst. Prof. Ahmed Abdul-Razaq
Asst. Prof. Ahmed R. Abu-Rghif
Asst. Prof. Ahmed Saleh
Asst. Prof. Ahmed Z. Zain
Asst. Prof. Aida R. Mansour
Prof. Alaa F. Alwan
Asst. Prof. Aladdin Muzaffar
Asst. Prof. Aladdin S. Naji
Prof. Ali Al-Saedy
Asst. Prof. Ali F. Al-Hashimi
Asst. Prof. Amal Swidan
Prof. Amer Rasheed
Prof. Anam R. Al-Salihi
Asst. Prof. Anees K. Nile
Prof. Arif S. Malik
Dr. Ayad A. Hasan
Prof. Ban A. Abdul-Majeed
Asst. Prof. Ban J. Qasim
Asst. Prof. Bassim Sh. Ahmed Asst. Prof. Eman M. Ali
Asst. Prof. Enas A. Abdul-Rasool
Dr. Fadil Abdullah
Asst. Prof. Faris H. Al-Lami
Dr. Firas M. Abdul-Ghani
Asst. Prof. Farh N. Abbas
Prof. Ghassan A. Al-Shamma
Prof. Ghlib Al-Shareefi
Dr. Haider Baha
Dr. Haider Noori
Asst. Prof. Haider S. Kadhim
Dr. Haitham M. Kadhim
Asst. Prof. Hala Gh. Mahmoud
Prof. Hasan A. Al-Hamadani
Asst. Prof. Hasan Kareem
Prof. Hadef D. El-Yassin
Asst. Prof. Huda Al-Araji
Asst. Prof. Hussain A.K. Abdul-Hussien
Dr. Hussien T. Naji
Prof. Ihsan M.A. Ajeenah
Prof. Imad M. Al-Ani
Prof. Ismail I. Lateef
 Prof. Israa F. Al-Samaraee
Prof. Jassim M. Karhot
Prof. Kasim M. Sultan
Asst. Prof. Kassim A. Hassou
Dr. Laith Abdul-Hussain
Asst. Prof. Lamia Abdul -Karim
Asst. Prof. Maan Al-Khalisi
Prof. Maha M. Al-Bayati
Prof. Manal A. Habeeb
Prof. May F. Habib
Asst. Prof. Maysaloun M. Abdulla
Prof. Mohammed A. Kadham
Prof. Mohammed M.M. Al-Ani
Asst. Prof. Mohammed O. Selman
Prof. Mohammed A.E. Muhsen
Asst. Prof. Mustafa Mohammed
Asst. Prof. Mustafa N. Abd-Ali
Asst. Prof. Muthana Abdul Amir
Prof. Nadher A. Matlub
Asst. Prof. Nariman F. A. Ezzat
Prof. Naseer A.A. Hadi
Prof. Nashwan Q. Mahgoob
Asst. Prof. Nazar T. Makki
Prof. Nidham Abdul- Lateef
Prof. Nofal kidear Asst. Prof. Noor M. Ali
Asst. Prof. Omar F. Abdul-Rasheed
Dr. Rafid B. Al-T aweel
Asst. Prof. Rayah S. Baban
Asst. Prof. Saad H.M. Ali
Prof. Saad S. Al-Dujaily
Prof. Sabeha M.A. Al-Bayati
Dr. Safaa H. Ali
Asst. Prof. Sajid H.A. Al-Helfy
Prof. Sami R. Al-Katib
Asst. Prof. Samir M. Jassim
Prof. Sawsan S. AL-Haidari
Asst. Prof. Shatha Faruk
Dr. Shehab Abdul-Rahman
Prof. Subh S. Al-Mudallal
Prof. Sahban Al-Mallah
Asst. Prof. Taqi S. Atiyah
Dr. Thanaa R. Abdul-Rahman
Dr. Thuraya H.A. Abdullah
Asst. Prof. Wasan I. Al-Saadi
Asst. Prof. Wasan Wajdi
Asst. Prof. Yasir M.H. Hamandi
Prof. Yesar M.H. Al-Shamma
Asst. Prof. Yosra T. Jarjees
Dr. Zeena A. Abdul-Rasool.